Fiber-optic communication line

Design of fiber-optic communication line is labour-intensive process including execution of topographic, geodesic, engineering and geological researches, detailed design and subsequent approval with concerned institutions, land use design with allocation of a land plot and follow on support of construction works, for that reason, more and more companies prefer to entrust this work to professionals, one of which is our company.

Video surveillance, perimeter security alarm system and access control

Video surveillance and perimeter security alarm systems are an integral part of modern enterprises without which corporate safety process is inconceivable. Knowing it, we are ready to propose a full range of works on design, supply, assembly and commissioning of adequate systems using the most-up-to-date equipment.


Such services as video conference and telepresence systems were additionally developed with the growth of data throughput. Presently, perhaps, it is the only alternative to a real meeting. We use equipment of leading world manufacturers in our solutions that brings us to fabulous results and significantly decrease expenses of our clients for meetings and trainings.

Dispatch communication and public addresses systems

According to the requirements of legislation to health and safety on industrial facilities, all enterprises and industrial sites should be equipped with dispatching communication and public announcement systems. Working on the projects of our clients, we established partner relations with leading world manufacturers of this equipment and have solid experience in designing of dispatch and selective communication systems on industrial sites.

Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications is a kind of wireless connections widely spread in Kazakhstan due to its enormous size. Most commonly, this technology is used to reserve voice and data traffic upon communications organization in hard accessible areas.

Linear telemechanic and automation

Our company pays considerable attention to the development of the directions of linear telemechanic and automation of pipeline transportation, proposed solutions provide increase of labor efficiency, automate routine business processes, increase profit by means of operating costs decrease.

Alternative power sources

One of the directions of development of modern electrical energy industry is presented with alternative power sources, such as, solar electric plant and wind power generators, we carry out the detailed analysis of the site where installation of these systems is planned and propose the best option in our projects: solar panels, wind power generator or combined solution.

VHF radio communication

Systems of VHF mobile radio communications are irreplaceable for operational communication. Simple keystroke enables you to contact a person, a dozen or hundreds of people; it provides the opportunity for the groups of employees to maintain constant communication working on achievement of common target. Our company is glad to propose you various systems of fixed and mobile communications from different vendors.

Uninterruptible power systems and standby power supply

Uninterruptible power systems and standby power supply used in our projects are designated to be installed on commercial and private facilities; they provide working with direct or alternating current, increase availability of business applications and equipment in critical moments.

Industrial facilities

Industrial construction development causes the necessity of rapidly built industrial facilities in construction which have modular architecture that enables assembly-disassembly more than once. Modular buildings and structures of leading European manufacturers are represented in a range of our equipment.

Integrated position of radiolocation and radio navigation

Our company executed preparation and detailed design of 12 integrated positions to radiolocation and radio navigation. Works on selection of equipment key placement and full automation of the site starting from mast ending with video monitoring and complex of related engineering systems and networks were fulfilled.


Our company has the following types of licenses and certificates:

  • Category II State design engineering license
  • Category III State construction and installation work license
  • State exploration license
  • Certificate ST RK ISO 9001:2009 “Compliance with the requirements of quality management system in project and exploration activity”




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