Vesta Technology is known as an authorized representative of Belgian company OTN Systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Within this cooperation we propose our clients to build high speed industrial solutions with carrying capacity up to 10 Gbps and guaranteed required bandwidth allocation for all services that makes this technology irreplaceable upon development of transport infrastructure on enterprises which has strict requirements to safety and reliability where refusal can result in fatal consequences not only for business but for employees’ life as well.

Networks built on OTN X3M and OTN Classic technologies have been widely practiced in our country based on SDH/Sonet standard which was dominant transmission technology upon development of factory area network over the past ten years, nevertheless, Ethernet technology occupies leading positions.

It is evidence that market requires new technology capable to satisfy demands of packet data transmission and maintain high reliability which is specific for channel temporal compression technology. This technology is MPLS-TP (Multiprotocol Label Switching – Transport Profile). MPLS-TP was developed by ITU-T in cooperation with IETF aimed at adaptation of MPLS-IP for work in industry data transportation network

Xtran in combination with TXCare management system is realization of this technology.

Xtran is designated for multiservice in-band communication MPLS-TP through channels 1G and 10G.


  • Solid industrial structure
  • Cooling without fan and noise;
  • Extended range of temperatures from -20 till +65°C
  • Various variants of energy supply (18-60 VDC / 88-300 VDC / 90-264 VAC)
  • Modular assembly, high switchover capability - 64 Gbps
  • Wide variety of interface cards: 1GE с PoE+, 10 GE, E1/T1, 2W/4W E&M,  X.21 / V.35, RS232,422,485, C37.94 teleprotection, SDH/SONET, SHDSL
  • Possibility to access different services through optical fiber or radio relay equipment on GE
  • Network extended control via management system




OTN Systems customer service:

Contact person: Anton Godunin

Tel.:+7 (727) 351-37-88

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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